Monday, January 18, 2010

I love butterflies

It's great to see The Mamas Mod Green Pod fabrics featured on any blog but even more exciting when its on two of my favourites! Ohdeedoh (the first favourite) is featuring a nursery tour of Kenzie's nursery from her mama's Kenzie Poo blog (the other first favourite - am I making sense.....mmm.....probably not). And to round off the confusion, Mod Green Pod's Butterfly Jubliee print in Raspberry/Honey is featured as a quilt in Kenzie's nursery. Its always nice to see the fabrics in an 'every day' situation rather than just a swatch and see how gorgeous it looks. And it really confirms my suspicion that Rachelle has exquisite taste and an absolutely beautiful home - and she's a really cool mama too!

image from kenzie poo via ohdeedoh

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Where have all the caterpillars gone?

I am standing at my sink chopping vegetables for dinner - and it comes to me................where have all the caterpillars gone? We generally buy organic fruit and vegetables (and meat and chicken too) except when the organic grocer is closed and I have to go to the supermarket. So today at lunchtime I was cutting up some strawberries and there was a little green caterpillar making its home on the side of one of the fruits. Wow, I thought, hello little fella. I picked him off and put him into the compost bin and continued on without a thought. Fast forward to the next meal time and I am washing the dirt off the potatoes and it dawns on me. I don't see those little green caterpillars on the conventionally grown fruit and vegies I buy at the supermarket. I wonder why ???? (these are ironic question marks by the way). Buy organic, save the caterpillar.