Wednesday, May 30, 2012

extremely exciting news......


soon, oh yes, very soon, i'll be able to announce some extremely exciting news.
i've given you a hint.
i'll fill in the blank next week!!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Telstra sucks...........

I am OVER Telstra.
Since last weekend, I haven't been able to get any text messages.
Well, I could but I had to keep turning my phone off, then on again.
Not very convenient.
So I thought I would go into my local Telstra shop to get it fixed.
At this point I will cut a very long story short....
but I did leave half an hour later very annoyed.
Annoyed enough to ring the complaints department at Telstra.
10 minutes into the conversation, I had to go to do the school run.
The complaints man said he would ring me back at precisely 3.45pm.
That was on Tuesday and I am still waiting for the call.......
I say lets start a revolt and bring back old school phones

 photo from here